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Particular about Positioning


As occupational therapists and mentors we are very particular about our clients’ positioning because we know that the correct positioning can have many health benefits.   The child who is positioned correctly and comfortably can go for long stretches without being hospitalize for pain or corrective surgeries.   As someone who is in pain all the time I take all of the preventive precautions that I can with my mentees.   I get them when they are little which allows me to correct deformities with the right seating and braces.

If I catch the deformities in time I can usually correct it with something and the child is able to grow up to having the deformity corrected.   The occupational therapists turn to me for suggestions as I am in the position of someone who is in pain and I can understand what feels comfortable to a child in pain.   As my clients are little enough for me to hold them I do so to be able understand how they relax.   I want them as relax as possible for the majority of the day as they are able to focus on their school work longer.

A child who is slumped down in their seat will develop pain after a hour so I want to catch that fast and correct the problem.   We want to do all we can to position our clients comfortably and correctly as that is how they are able to stay out of the operating room.   The reason for my being so adamant about preventing surgeries is I had a child how went into a coma and never woke up after a surgery.   The population of the children I see are fragile and I want to try the least invasive techniques for correcting a deformity before we turn to surgery for correcting the deformities.   As professionals we have the technology and equipment to accomplish most of the positioning we want to with a client.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children