Monthly Archives: December 2016

Playing with Positioning and Medications

A week ago, I had another back spasm that knocked me out and I had to play with my own medications with the nurse practitioner to try to prevent another spasm.   As occupational therapists and mentors we are able to help our clients to be more comfortable in their equipment to prevent muscle spasms that bring them to the emergency room.   I work with little children and small teens so I want to prevent strong muscle spasms that knocks the child out. My mentees are small due to their disabilities so even the smallest spasm can knock them out which is why I want to prevent them from having muscle spasms.

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the knowledge to make our clients comfortable enough to try to save them from spasms.   I know my mentees are high tone so they are prone to spasms which hurts and I like to play with equipment to keep them relaxed to allow them to function without the risk of a huge spasm.   I have discovered that if I am able to keep the mentee comfortable they have less pain which mean they are at a lower risk of a spasm.   The person is also most likely to spend less time in the hospital due to a big muscle spasm and more time living life.

We want to sustain the person’s level of comfort so they are less prone to having muscle spend as a spasm lowers blood pressure and lowers oxygen in take.   The correct combination of medicine has the ability to prevent the individual from having spasms.   An individual can go for a long period without having a muscle spasm if we can put them on the correct medications.   A person can also go for several of weeks without having to go to the doctor for pain and they can feel like a “typical” child.   As mentors and occupational therapists, we have the ability to help our clients to feel like anyone else with keeping them comfortable.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children