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Pain That Is a Quick Fix

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the technology to fix a child’s discomfort quickly and I don’t believe in a child being in pain.   A simple hammock can fix the problem and with a rolling mount they can still communicate.  The child must be comfortable to communicate because otherwise we are asking them to do something unnatural.   We don’t go around communicating in pain so why should our clients?  Children also need to be comfortable while driving the power chair so the seating must be correctly fitted to their bodies.

As a mentor with serious back problems I want to avoid my mentees from developing chronic pain so I use different ultra-soft equipment to help my mentees to be comfortable all day.   Children who are able to change positions throughout the day don’t get pressure sores or develop chronic pain.   There are some children who are able to use walkers to take the pressure off of their bodies if they are able to change positions throughout the day; they are less likely to develop problems later in life.   If an occupational therapist has a significant curve in their spines I like to use abdominal binders because these devices take the pressure off of their spines.

As occupational therapist and mentor we have the knowledge to keep the clients comfortable and hopefully from developing serious illness.   As my followers know I have been in the hospital many times due to my back problems but luckily I have the medicine which I normally receive through an IV in pill form which has kept me out of the hospital.   The combination of medicines and the tumble foam have kept me out of the hospital for a while.   As professionals, we have the knowledge to keep our clients comfortable and healthy for all of their life.

Until Next Time   Enjoy Your Children