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As occupational therapists and mentors we have the resources to help a child be comfortable throughout their day. Children who are comfortable are able to do more throughout their day and as you know I am a big user of tumble foams as they allow the child to lay back. If a child is comfortable throughout their day they are able to do more at school.

We have rolling mounts to bring the communication device to them in their tumble foams to allow them to do school work. Children who are comfortable are capable to show their knowledge quicker and more accurately. I had a mentee whose wheelchair had been a tumble foam which allowed her to do more in the day because she had been comfortable. If we keep children more comfortable throughout the day we are able to keep them healthy enough to be children. I know of too many children who have passed away because they were so uncomfortable that they had gotten sick and never recovered.

Sometimes wheelchairs are too retaining for a child which caused the child to develop pain which once they do it’s very difficult to reverse. Tumble foams are just more able to let someone relax tight muscles and the rolling mount allows them access to the talker. A comfortable child is able to show how intelligent they are and are able to play with peers. A comfortable child is also able to have enough energy to do well in therapy after school and do homework after. Our goal is to keep every child comfortable so they are able to live a long and functional life.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children

Keeping Children Comfortable

As a mentor with pain I am always striving for my mentee to be comfortable all day so they are able to go about their day. As you know I love tumble foams because they are able to support the child without over restricting them. I am also into making their seating to fit their bodies well so they are supported enough while they are in school. Once a child develops pain, it’s difficult to get the mentee comfortable so I like to prevent them from developing pain in the first place. I like to put the mentees into different positions throughout the day to keep them comfortable enough to be able to focus on school work.

Children are not like us adults they aren’t able to put the pain in the back of their minds to focus on school work so we have to help them to feel comfortable. I have noticed that if children are comfortable they are able to do well on school work and play with friends more. I am not opposed to alternative medicine as I use it myself and I have seen a child totally stop having seizures while using alternative treatment. Children have totally stopped having pain with alternative medicine so parents are totally opened to using alternative medicine for seizures and pain.

Children who are healthy are able to do excellent as there is nothing wrong with their intellectual abilities. I have mentees who reach the top of their class if they are comfortable enough to use their talkers.   Children who are comfortable have less seizures and have better appetites. If we are able to keep them comfortable there is no telling to what they are capable of doing. Children throughout therapy are able to find a balance between comfortable and being upright to do school work. I love what I do because I am able to give children their independence and comfortably.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children

Driving a Power Chair

Most of my children need ASL head arrays because it’s easier on their bodies and I drive one also because it’s nicer on my back. I have children as young as three driving with head ASL head arrays because they are easy enough to drive.  Keeping the child comfortable while they are driving is important as it can develop back pain over time therefore I like using ASL head array as it’s the easiest for a child to use. Children just have to touch one of the three switches to drive instead of the portion head system where it’s like a gas pedal where the harder you push the faster you go. I aggravated my back pain using that system which of course I don’t want my mentees to go through that pain.

Children who are driving comfortably are able to play with friends which is what we want because it gets them to understand they can to do whatever they want. Power chairs that are custom made for them allow them to go to classes independently and play with their able-bodied peers. I want my mentees to grow up understanding that their disabilities are just physical because that is all it is. I would take a mentee out on the playground at recess and let them practice driving while playing with friends because this teaches them that they aren’t any different from their peers.

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the capabilities to allow our clients to play and grow up like any other children. If they are more comfortable playing in their tumble foams I have no problem with that as long as they are with their peers. Disabled children playing and being in general classes teaches them that they are not any different from their peers which gets them thinking about the future and moving away to college. I grew up like anyone else which is why I was able to earn a degree to work with children so if we plant the seed when they are young there is no telling what they will be able to do with their lives.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children


As occupational therapists and mentors we know how to alleviate pain by stretches and heat therapy.  If we can relax the child enough they can alleviate their own pain because most of the time pain is caused by tight muscles.   I know a young man who is so tight that he wasn’t able to grow past the size of an eight year old, therefore we need to try to relax tight muscles to allow the body to grow and also to make the child more comfortable so they can just be children.

Children without pain or decreased pain are able to focus on therapy and just being a child playing with friends.   Gentle massages and heat therapy works on tight sore muscles which for my clients is easy to do because they are unusually small allowing me to put them on my lap.   Children who are comfortable enough are able to do well at school and play with friends.   Children in their tumble foam for most of the day are able to concentrate on school work which I totally understand as I am known to work in my tumble foam. Comfortability allows children to have better stamina throughout the day which allows them to do more and just feel well.

It helps me treat children in pain as I know what it is like because I develop my chronic back pain at the age of fourteen and have never felt well since then.   I want to prevent my mentees from developing back pain so I make sure their seating fits their body well and their tumble foams are also molded to their bodies.  If I am able to keep children comfortable they are able to stay out of the hospital because of seizures due to pain and stay at school allowing them to be on time with their age level correlating with their age giving them a healthy self-esteem.

Until Next Time,  Enjoy Your Children


If the child is in pain there is no way they can do school work as I am an adult and I can’t concentrate on work.   I am sick right now and it’s very difficult to concentrate on work but I have strategies to be able to do work while in pain.   Children in severe pain aren’t mature enough to be able to put their discomfort in the back of their mind to be able to concentrate on school work so I have to put them in extra plush equipment for them to be able to concentrate on school work.   Children have to be comfortable for them to do school work so I use star fish tumble foams because they can lean back with still allowing me to position the rolling mount so they are able to access their communication device.

As occupational therapists and mentors we are able to make our clients comfortable so they can do what they need to do throughout their day.   Children who are comfortable have the abilities to do school work and play with their peers.   They are also able to have better appetites because no one is able to eat well not feeling well.   I’m not concerned with how the child looks but rather I am more concerned with their comfort level because if they should get sick we are playing with dangerous water as young children are unable to accurately tell us what exactly is wrong with them.   If we know that they are more comfortable in their tumble foam I keep them in it for the majority of the days.

Children who are comfortable are capable to demonstrate knowledge and are able to play with their friends for longer.   If they are comfortable they are able to do school work to their best ability and most of the time they are able to get to their top of their class.   I work with children with significant physical disabilities so their intellectual abilities are just like their able peers.   The ability to communicate with the aid of a rolling mount gives them the ability to work and socialize with friends in a more comfortable position. Sometimes even if we make their seating to perfectly fit their body they are still more comfortable in the tumble foam.   The most important thing is the child is comfortable to allow them to be themselves.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children

Neck Control

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the ability to give our clients an alternative to their four limbs if they don’t work and that is their neck.  I like to try their neck control as soon as we have figured out their four limbs aren’t viable sources for them to use for them to control a communication device or a power chair.   We want the clients to be productive since the toddler age so they are able to start to use talkers and power chairs by the age of three.

My goal for every mentee is to get them to be independent at the pre-school age or even earlier so they can start school on time.  If a child starts school on time they can be on schedule with school which means they are able to make friends easier and graduate on time.  If we figure out a viable limb or body part to use then it will allow the mentee to go through life on schedule which gives the individual a higher self-esteem because they are with their peers.   As someone who started school on time I want the same opportunities for my mentees as it boosts their self-esteem knowing they are on the same level as their able-bodied peers.

As a quad myself I attribute my being on time with school to an occupational therapist finding that I had the most control over my neck.  If we are able to find what body part works for a child: the child is able to show their intellectual ability and they can be mobile at an early age. I don’t care how it looks as I am able to refine the system once we know the Method works for the mentee and nine times out of ten they are going to use the body part for the rest of their life.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children

Comfortably Working and Communicating

As occupational therapists and mentors we have options available to us that allow our clients to work and communicate while in their tumble foams through the use of rolling mounts. The rolling mount is a mount on wheels which allows us to bring the communication device to the child in any position.  They are able to do their school work and communicate in any position which helps alleviate their pain.  Communicating shouldn’t be limited to the child being in their wheelchair because that is not how life works for the rest of us; as we are able to communicate in any position. If I am able to keep my mentees comfortable they are able to stay healthy which enables them to attend school and therapy more regularly.

For children who are more comfortable in a tumble foam, I am able to set up their talker on the rolling mount allowing them to work from a more comfortable position. For my mentees, I use eye gaze devices or switches because I personally hate the tracker as I have seen too many children developing chronic back pain from using those devices. I feel that I need to keep children from developing back pain because once they do their health goes downhill as I have learned from my own personal experience.   Children who are able to work comfortably sometimes never develop pain which allows them to go through life “normally”.   The ones who do develop back pain have seizures and usually multiple health problems, when I see that I really start using tumble foams frequently to help ease their pain and to prevent seizures.

As my followers are aware, I have severe back pain and there are days where I have to be in my tumble foam all day because the pain is excruciating. I work with small statured children which makes it easier for me to pick them up and hold them to relieve the pain. If I am able to catch them before the pain gets to its peak, I am sometimes able to prevent the mentee from having a seizure. Children shouldn’t have to live in pain; so we use anything we can to keep them comfortable and healthy.

-Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children.