Being Comfortable

As occupational therapist and mentor we have the ability to keep our clients comfortable throughout their day. As I mentioned I don’t believe in restrictive wheelchairs because they tend to cause pain so instead I use tumble foams for their comfortably. I want to prevent the child from developing pain because once they do it is likely for them to have that pain for the rest of their life. Tumble foams are just more forgiving and allows the child to sit in a more comfortable position throughout the day. Healthy children are more able to do school as their peers and some parents do alternative medicine to keep the child comfortable throughout the day.   Children who are comfortable for most of the day are able to stay in class longer.

Most children with significant physical disabilities usually develop pain because they are high tone with tight muscles. I, or their aides, hold them in class as they are still able to access their talkers to participate in classes in a more comfortable way. Children who are more comfortable throughout the day are able to demonstrate knowledge better and quicker. Children who are comfortable are also able to go to playdates after school and do homework. I also don’t believe in using a communication device which hurts to use as that is how I developed back problems from using the inappropriate talker for seven years and we had known that was an inappropriate talker from the beginning.

We want to find a talker that won’t hurt the individual because if they are healthy they are going to be able to do more of the school work. Children who are able to communicate with ease are able to communicate at our speed without having pain at the end of their day. Children are also going to be comfortable doing school work instead of struggling with typing. For quads the tracker is really hard on the body which why is I like the eye gaze as it is easier on the body and in fact I am thinking about getting one for myself. We want our clients to be comfortable throughout their day to keep them healthy to do greatness with their lives.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children