Being Comfortable

A child with high tone must feel comfortable in order to communicate, which is why I love tumble foams. Tumble foams reduce the pressure off the muscles on a person’s body. The child is able to completely relax sore body parts because some of these foams are like a bed made to their bodies. I love putting little children into star fish tumble foams, these are chairs designed with tumble foam that are uniquely tailored to fit an individual’s body, because they are immediately relieved of pain. Children are able to totally relax and focus on their school work or play with their peers. Like my mentees, I also use the tumble foams, so I know what a great resource it is to have.

The child is also more likely to demonstrate their true knowledge because they are not thinking about their pain. I am able to see the immediate relief as soon as I put the child into their tumble foam, which provide their bodies support without restraining them, unlike wheelchairs which often do. A comfortable child is capable of speaking faster and more accurately which is our (occupational therapist) goal for them.

In the event that a child is sick; I recommend placing them in their tumble foams as it may assist them in recovering back to good health sooner. I was recently ill and attribute my speedy recovery from the virus, to sitting in the tumble foam everyday until I got well. As wheelchairs tend to be too restrictive, when one does not feel well. Tumble foams are able to give a child enough support to be able to use their communication devices but laid back enough to relax as a person.  So, if you have a child who is always uncomfortable, I strongly encourage you to try using the star fish tumble foam, as it might take the pressure off of their body.

Until Next Time,  Enjoy Your Children