Comfort and Functioning

As occupational therapists and mentors we have to focus on the child’s comfort, as this will allow them to be able to focus on school work and just being a kid. If the child is properly supported in their seating, we may by putting of their developing pain until much later in life. Children are able to use their communication devices better if they are properly fitted in their seating. The right positioning enables the child to easily access their communication device which will hopefully keep physical pain at bay for a while, which will allow them to play and concentrate on their school work. Children who are adequately supported from a young age are rarely known to ever require corrective surgery later in their lives.

Proper positioning helps the muscles and the bone structure to develop how they should be, allowing the child to physically develop as needed. This sometimes allows us to work on weight barring with the child; which allows us to be able to do pivot transfer practices. As the child grows, they are going to be able to use their communication device easily and possibly drive a power chair. We want to start them on the right foot by initiating therapy at the preschool age; so, they can develop the muscle structure that is more desirable for ample function.

Children who are able to support themselves are able to go to the bathroom with one aide; making them feel more like their peers. I place these children into walkers at recess time, so they can play with peers on the playground. I want my mentees to have a “normal” childhood which means playing with their classmates and attending regular classes. If the child has the opportunity to grow up normally then they will naturally start to put expectations on themselves like any other growing child.

  • Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children