Comfortability is so important for a disabled child because that is how they can stay healthy.   Wheelchair should be properly fitted to their bodies and other equipment as we want the child to grow up without deformities.   It’s possible as I have a little girl who is growing up without deformities as she is properly supported by the wheelchair.   I work with “normally” developing children so they understand if they look differently from their able bodied peers.

Children who are able to communicate comfortably are able to stay well and be in school which helps them to catch up to their age group.   Communicating in correctly fitting equipment allows their body to relax which allows the child to focus on the task at hand like anyone else.   I don’t like keeping children in one position for a long amount of time as it causes pressure sores so I like to change their position throughout the day.  Children who are typically comfortable throughout the day are able to communicate faster and more accurately.

It helps that I am a professional with significantly physical disabilities because I understand what it is like to be uncomfortable.   Children who are comfortable are able to laugh and be silly with their friends and siblings like able bodied children.   The clients I have are all “typically” developing which means once I have them communicating with a communication device they are placed in general classes.   A comfortable child is able to attend general classes and most of the time go on to college.   Communication comfortably allows children with significant disabilities to participate in everything that able children are participating in.   As a mentor who grew up with back pain I know how important it is to be comfortable in classes.   If speech-language pathologists and mentors can make communication comfortable we will see our clients thrive.

Until Next Time,  Enjoy Your Children