As occupational therapists and mentors, we have the resources to help a child be comfortable throughout their day. Children who are comfortable are able to get more accomplished throughout their day and as you know I am a big user of tumble foams, as they allow the child to lay back. If a child is comfortable during their day they are able to do more at school.

We have rolling mounts to align the communication device to their tumble foams, which allows them

to do school work. Children who are comfortable are capable of showing their knowledge quicker and more accurately. I had a mentee whose wheelchair had been a tumble foam which allowed her to do more in the day because she wasn’t in constant pain. If we keep children more comfortable, we are able to keep them healthy enough to be children and enjoy their interactions. I know of too many children who have passed away because they were so uncomfortable and in pain that they had gotten sick and never recovered.

Sometimes wheelchairs are too restraining for a child, which causes them pain which once developed, is very difficult to reverse. I can tell you from personal experience, that living with consistent pain can be very challenging emotionally and physically. In extreme cases, such as my own, when appropriate Doctors can and should approve the use of alternative medications and practices to help alleviate physical ailments. “Tumble foams” are a resource that we use to provide someone a means to relax tight muscles and the rolling mount allows them access to their communication devices. A comfortable child is not only able to show how intelligent they are but they are also able to play with peers which is also important for their social development. A comfortable child will have enough energy to perform activities in therapy (after school) and still do their homework. Our goal is to keep every child comfortable so they are able to live a long and functional life.


  • Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children