Comfortably Working and Communicating

As occupational therapists and mentors we have options available to us that allow our clients to work and communicate while in their tumble foams through the use of rolling mounts. The rolling mount is a mount on wheels which allows us to bring the communication device to the child in any position.  They are able to do their school work and communicate in any position which helps alleviate their pain.  Communicating shouldn’t be limited to the child being in their wheelchair because that is not how life works for the rest of us; as we are able to communicate in any position. If I am able to keep my mentees comfortable they are able to stay healthy which enables them to attend school and therapy more regularly.

For children who are more comfortable in a tumble foam, I am able to set up their talker on the rolling mount allowing them to work from a more comfortable position. For my mentees, I use eye gaze devices or switches because I personally hate the tracker as I have seen too many children developing chronic back pain from using those devices. I feel that I need to keep children from developing back pain because once they do their health goes downhill as I have learned from my own personal experience.   Children who are able to work comfortably sometimes never develop pain which allows them to go through life “normally”.   The ones who do develop back pain have seizures and usually multiple health problems, when I see that I really start using tumble foams frequently to help ease their pain and to prevent seizures.

As my followers are aware, I have severe back pain and there are days where I have to be in my tumble foam all day because the pain is excruciating. I work with small statured children which makes it easier for me to pick them up and hold them to relieve the pain. If I am able to catch them before the pain gets to its peak, I am sometimes able to prevent the mentee from having a seizure. Children shouldn’t have to live in pain; so we use anything we can to keep them comfortable and healthy.

-Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children.