Communication In Any Position

Over the weekend, I worked with my best friend a rolling mount so I could communicate more comfortably in my tumble foam chair.  As occupational therapist and mentors we have the ability to make the communication device accessible to children in any position.   As you know I don’t believe in children in pain so why not use rolling mounts to make communication accessible in any position, children work better on school work if they are comfortable.   As a mentor with a lot of back problems I believe in children doing their school work in their most comfortable position.

Children who are comfortable are able to concentrate on school work for a longer amount of time and they do better on school work.   Comfortable children do school work longer and more accurate.   If I am able to position the communication device to where the mentee is able to comfortably communicate in their tumble foams then then they are able to work longer and the school work is of a better quality.  The moving mount allows me to put the mentee in the tumble foam and move their talker to them.

The child is still able to communicate and work in the tumble foam as I can move their talker to where they need to be.   The child being more comfortable throughout the day allows them to stay healthier and to be in school more.   The child is also able to move through school at a more “normal” pace to keep up with their able body peers so they don’t feel left behind.   Communication is everything to significantly physically disabled children as that is how they are able to engage with the world and how they are able to do general education school work.   The question is not why children have to be uncomfortable to be able to talk the question is how can we mount the communication device to where they are comfortable.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children