Customized Equipment

Those of us occupational therapists and mentors know and understand the benefits of customized equipment. The customized equipment ensures that the child will be adequately supported throughout their day as the supports will be exactly where the individual needs support. I am a big believer of starting at the toddler age as that is when bones and muscles begin to grow so we want to catch the muscles before they start to deform.

A child who grows up being adequately supported will have a greater chance of growing up without needing corrective surgery as the body will be developing how it should be developing. The individual will have more chances of being at school with friends and participate in extracurricular activities as they won’t have the physical pain to limit their activities. As someone with the same disabilities as my clients, I know how important it is to have adequate support as all I suffer from is back problems not deformities.

Keeping our clients comfortable and functional is going to mean that they are going to be able to continually attend school as they won’t be up in pain or at home recovering from a surgery. If a child doesn’t need to spend weeks at home recovering from surgery then they are able to be at school focusing on their academics. On our end we will be able to continue to work on their driving and strengthening their muscles.   The child will then be able to work on their communication skills if they have the neck muscles to work with their communication device. As you can see, there is a plethora of benefits in starting a child with custom made seating and we should do this with every person who is at risk of developing deformities.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children