Developing Pain

As occupational therapists and mentors we are able to assist in stopping a person’s pain right when it starts. We look at their positioning and their access to their communication devices. I like to change things around first before starting from scratch, as it might just take a little tweaking. The child must be comfortable in order to be able to communicate and participate at school. Children who are comfortable most of the day, are able to demonstrate their knowledge as they are able to concentrate on school work and interacting with their friends.

Positioning their bodies correctly is going to enable them to play and to participate at school and demonstrate how truly knowledgeable they are. Children who are comfortable are going to be able to compete with their peers just like how most of my mentees are in general classes. Children who are able to fully participate at school typically earn a high school diploma and provides them with the option to attend college.

More important, if you can keep the child comfortable they are going to be able to stay healthy in spirit and physically. The child is going to be able to do school work faster as they can focus on their studies instead of the fact that they are uncomfortable. Overall, children who are healthy are able to go through school at a faster pace; which can motivate them, to earn the grades that will get them into a good college. As you can see, there are many benefits in keeping the child comfortable. Use tumble foams and other cushions that allow them to be comfortable, they can focus on being children instead of being children in pain.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children