Fever Due to Pain

Over this past holiday weekend, I felt feverish due to my back pain. As occupational therapists and mentors, we want to try to keep our clients comfortable in the hopes of avoiding this from happening to them. For my toddler clients, I like to keep them in tumble foam chairs, as this is the most comfortable equipment we have for them to use. For my older mentees I make sure their wheelchairs are perfectly fitted to their bodies and that they have tumble foams available to chill out in during the days.

Most children with Cerebral Palsy are small in size, so we are able to use pediatric equipment for most if not all of their lives. Heck I am still using pediatric equipment and I am 37 years old!  We want our clients to stay comfortable throughout the day to keep them healthy. Being in constant pain can potentially cause a feverish state, which can lead to more serious illnesses; which for someone that is smaller than their age demographic, their bodies might not be able to handle an illness. Putting our clients into comfortable positions throughout their day can avoid some health issues but also allows them to be in school more frequently.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I like to hold my clients to understand their body structure, allowing me to know what supports are needed for their equipment. This way we are able to ensure that they will have adequate support to properly function. We want to help these children stay healthy and be able to thrive in their lives as most of them do not have intellectual disabilities.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children