My mentees are always hurting from tight muscle so to help them I do a multitude of things to help them to relax and ease the pain. I put them into tumble foams that relaxes the muscles and I use conventional and unconventional treatments to help children to feel more comfortable. Children need to feel comfortable throughout the day to be able to do more with their day. Families who are open to using topical Marijuana have a better chance of seeing their children more relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. As occupational therapists and mentors we are able to move their bodies easier if they are relaxed and not in pain. The alternative medicine helps them to feel more comfortable allowing the occupational therapists and mentors to move the body more to where they need to be to do therapy.

As we know children with Cerebral Palsy are usually small so if they are more relaxed I am able to practice driving their power chair with them for a longer amount of time. Children who are more comfortable are also able to show us which body part works the best for them. We want to find a balance between them being tight enough to sustain their weight during transfers but loose enough to be comfortable through the day. If children are constantly in pain they aren’t eating or sleeping well which causes a whole set of problems for them. Seizures are set off by a burst of pain well at the time and all we can do is rush them to the hospital.

If the child is more comfortable throughout the day they might have less seizures. I have a colleague who knew a child who was having twenty seizures a day and when the family gave her medical marijuana she was only having five seizures a day. Sometimes thinking out of the box is the key to helping a child feel more at ease during the day. The most important thing we can do for a child is to keep them comfortable allowing them to do what they need to do during the day.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children