Making Communication Devices Accessible

As occupational therapists and mentors, we have the assistive technology to provide a communication device and make it a

ccessible in any position. My best friend works in the same field as I do, and she knew I am more comfortable when I’m seated in my tumble foam chair, so she provided a rolling mount for me to try and see if I could use my communication device while in most comfortable position.  As professionals in our field, we have the technology to bring communication devices to the individuals, where they are most comfortable.   I don’t believe in a child being uncomfortable if they don’t have to be.

The assistive technology means the child doesn’t have to be in the wheelchair to communicate; if they are uncomfortable, we have moving mounts which can be adjusted to any communication device. Children are typically more comfortable in tumble foams, as the foams takes pressure off of their bodies, so why can’t they perform their school work while in them? As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, the more we can keep our clients comfortable the more likely are able to stay well and motivated.

I believe that the more comfortable the child is, the more the child will be able to do and it would allow them to just be children. My previous client plays baseball because he is comfortable enough to be able to play adaptive sports. Children who are significantly physically disabled, are still children and they like the same kind of things that able-bodied children do, so I do a lot of adapting so that they are able to play.

Children have the right to simply just be children and placing them in different equipment throughout the day sustains their level of comfort. Children that are able to take steps are able to go into walkers and play with their able-bodied peers. I like using equipment in which the children are more comfortable and also have access to their voices. A more comfortable child is able to thrive more and are able to interact with their peers without the added pressure of being uncomfortable. Ultra-soft equipment enables someone to be more comfortable

throughout the day, allowing them to play and to focus on their daily activities.

– Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children