Muscular Pain

As I have just found out from my second round of inter-facial Baclofen that my pain is muscular instead of spasms.   As occupational therapists and mentors we can help the pain with stretches and positioning.   We want our clients to be comfortable as they are able to do more through the day which we can do with equipment and stretches.   I like putting the clients into comfortable tumble foams so they are able accomplish more throughout the day without discomfort.

Children without pain are able to focus on school work and play with friends for a longer period of time.   Tumble foams are able to practically lie the child down with keeping their head up allowing them to use their communication devices.   If the child is having muscle pain they are restricted by the pain as they are either tired or in the hospital due to a big spasm.   I can relate to the big spasms as I also get them bringing me to the hospital about once a month.   As a mentor’ I want my mentees out of pain because I know how handicapping pain is it so I use tumble foams and medicine to keep them as comfortable as possible.

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the knowledge and tools to keep our clients comfortable so they are able to live life without discomfort.   The children with less discomfort are able to be simply just children.   I am able to play with them more in therapy working on their mobility with their power chair and with access with their communication devices.   If we are able to make our clients more comfortable we will see them doing more with their lives.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children