Occupational Therapist : Occupational Therapy Is A Partnership

Occupational Therapy Is A Partnership

In occupational therapy you want to work with clients by discovering new techniques that work for functional skills. If the person is able to articulate how they think you could solve the issue, it is going to be your job to figure how to make a tool to help with the task. For example, I am working with a client on getting comfortable with typing; I listen to the individual
and obtain valuable information before establishing which techniques to use that may help their specific situation.
As a mentor, I like to brainstorm with my mentees about possible solutions to their different struggles. My mentees always respond better and are more trusting of my services when I am able to make them feel they have been part of the solution. I have a clientèle of young adults and due to my young appearance, I am able to get them to open up. Occupational therapists will get better and quicker results if the client can assist them through the process of discovering a solution to the task. I spend much of my sessions just listening to my mentees and then I go home to consider possible solutions to present to the client.
I like to work with the mentees and I have discovered that the more I can make them feel like my partner, the more information I get and quickly get to the root of the issue. If I am working with a client on communication issues or driving power chairs comfortably, I need to talk with the client because they know what they want and how it needs to function. We like to discuss different strategies and ideas of how to make better functioning equipment for them. They use the equipment – what better way than to let them tell me what will work! Then it’s off to the next goal!
We as “professionals” in this industry, must listen to our clients or we will have a difficult time trying to adapt something to work better for them. The more I am able to take my time and listen to the client, the more I am able to tackle the issue. As students in occupational therapy, you must humble yourself and listen to the client. You and I might have our educational degrees which allows us to work in our respective fields but we are not the experts for our clients.
Our clients are the experts!

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