Pain and weight

As occupational therapists and mentors it is our job to alleviate pain so our clients are able to live their lives in comfort.   If a child is comfortable they are capable of accomplishing more in life and they are going to be able to have a good appetite.  Disabled children are small as it is so we want them to be comfortable enough to be able to eat well.   As I have mentioned in a previous blog I like to use ultra-soft equipment as an alternative from their wheelchairs.   Their seating can fit well to their body but they need an alternative to their wheelchair to alleviate pain or if the child is little enough I like to hold them as they are still able to use their communication device.

If they are really comfortable they are able to concentrate on academics and they are able to play with friends in a comfortable state.   Being comfortable allows them to achieve academic success and they are also able to do well with their therapy goals.   Comfortability also enables them to work on homework longer which helps them get through school in the “normal” time period.   As a mentor who went through school and college with back pain I know that it would have been much more comfortable without back pain.  Children with pain work much faster and accurate if I put them in tumble foam to do their work.

As occupational therapist and mentor we have the knowledge and the capability to help our clients to be comfortable enough to be able to do what they have to do throughout their day.    They are going to put on weight quicker if they are comfortable as our bodies slows down everything when we are in pain.   I have a hard time getting a client to eat if they are in pain and who am I to force them because I don’t eat myself if my back is acting up.   If we, mentors and occupational therapists are able to alleviate their pain we are going to see them eating more and putting on weight.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children