As occupational therapists and mentors we know how important it is for children to play so we adapt toys with switches making them accessible to children.  My younger mentees have created play dates for their children to get together to play.  Playing is a normal part of childhood so in my sessions I create playful- sessions because if my client is having fun I am able to accomplish more if they are having fun.  Children with motor disabilities want to play with their peers so I would adapt toys with switches allowing the children to play with toys independently.

Playing with their peers is a social thing to show children how communicating and walking in the walkers makes them just like their able-bodied peers. Disabled children have to go to therapy so why not make it fun? If we are working on their balance I would throw a ball to them while they are balancing on a medicine ball.  If I am working on driving I would have bowling pins for them to knock down, we have to remember that they are children so we have to make it worth their while. If we are working on eating I will make sure I have their favorite snacks.

Therapy can be fun while we are working on their goals and it will make them want to work on their goals.  As occupational therapists and mentors we have to be creative with our younger clients or they will skip out on therapy.  They aren’t thinking that therapy can make them more independent in the future but rather they are thinking they can be with friends.  As occupational therapists and mentors we have to think outside of the box when working with children as they simply don’t want to be there.


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children