Sitting Children Comfortably

The occupational therapists and mentors that I work with, have unlimited resources to help our clients to be seated in the seating system which allows them to access their talker comfortably. Straining of the neck can occur when a person is trying to access the talker and their controller and array their head which controls the chair. The child must sit his or her body in a ninety-degree angle. By have the chair tilted back at this angle, it will prevent them from going into a “tight extension” which means that the body goes up into a straight position due to tight muscles. This can be prevented by putting a subbase bar to hold the hips down and several of other supports systems to keep the body comfortable.

Often times children only require the subbase bar because it is enough to support the child’s body. Having proper support allows the child to not require additional straps to restrain them. Occasionally, I have put an abductor to help the child to stay seated back in the chair properly. A benefit of doing this is that it helps us get them out of their chair quicker in the event they have a seizure. With the child accurately supported, I’m hoping we can help their body by postponing the pain that develops because of their condition. A child who is supported appropriately throughout their life will have better muscle and spine structure.

The occupational therapists and mentors that I work with, have the resources and knowledge to keep our clients comfortable and stable. If our clients are stable they are able to easily communicate and to effortlessly drive the power chair. We want all of their equipment to be costume made so they will have adequate support throughout their day. There are children out in the world who have significant physical disabilities but their bodies are straight and without disfigurements which is what we want for our clients.

  • Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children