Taking Pressure Off A Sore Body Parts

As occupational therapists and mentors we have the knowledge and tools to take pressure off a sore body part.  If a child has a significant curve in their back, I like to use an abdominal binder to take the pressure off their back.   As you know, I am a big tumble foam user and I feel that since I am more comfortable while in my tumbler, I am hoping my little children will be as comfortable in theirs. I don’t believe little children should have to deal with being in pain. So I use different types of equipment to make them feel more comfortable, in an effort to take the pressure off of their sore areas immediately.

Children with Cerebral Palsy and who are immobile, are usually in some type of pain because they cannot move to relieve themselves.  Typically, these children are small enough to hold, so I would take them out of their wheelchair to alleviate the pressure.  No matter how well the seat is customized for the child, they often develop pressure points.

After sitting for long periods of time and given the repetitive pressure, they are likely to develop sharper pain over time. I also like to use foam wedges because it allows the child to be on their stomach, which helps take pressure off their body and prevent from developing pain. As a professional who also suffers from a lot of back pain, I am able to tell by their performance with their communication devices, that they are in pain because they become slower than usual.

Chronic pain results in the children becoming tired earlier in the day and makes them become more vulnerable to getting sick more often. If we keep children comfortable, they attend school more regularly and are able to join play dates more often, like able bodied children. I am a strong believer that if my mentees are comfortable that they are able to accomplish more throughout the day.  When comfortable the children are, happier which is necessary because they shouldn’t be in pain, so why not use alternative equipment throughout their day.   At the end of the day, they are children, whether they are able bodied or significantly physical disabled, they should not have to be in pain.

  • Until Next Time Enjoy Your Children