Tingling Pain

I have been experiencing tingling pain in my lower back which has given me a feverish feeling for a week now. I have the ability to communicate which allows me to direct my caregivers to make a doctor’s appointment on my behalf. Children with significant physical disabilities need to be able to communicate crucial medical information so their caregivers can accurately help them. Children who grow up communicating will be able to continue voicing their needs when they are adults living in their own homes. As occupational therapists and mentors, we are able to position children in a comfortable way to assist the healing process. We are able to collaborate and determine a solution to make the individual more comfortable.

As occupational therapists and mentors we use various equipment to make the child more comfortable to assist them in recovering faster.  When children are in their very own soft and custom-made tumble foams, they are more likely to get well faster in comparison they then would in an uncomfortable wheelchair.

If you think about it, it makes sense! A body that is receiving what it needs, is going to get well sooner than a body that has not been given the appropriate resources.  This is especially true for our high tone clients. As they usually have tighter muscles, they are already uncomfortable, so their bodies are already under stress, which is why we want them to be as relaxed as possible. With my mentees, I like to either hold them or put them in tumble foams to relax their tight muscles to relieve their pain.   As occupational therapists and mentors, we have the equipment to assist our clients to get back to being healthy faster and I use the same tumble foam as my mentees, I know from personal experience, that they are comfortable and really do help!


  • Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children